Hank Goodman Stoneware and Ceramics

"Wood warms twice" is a popular expression in the densely forested western North Carolina Mountains, referring to the warmth generated in the chopping and burning of wood. But though Hank Goodman's distinctive wood ash glazes, wood warms a third time in their lasting beauty. Hank recycles large amounts of wood ash collected from families who heat with wood, which in turn gives his stoneware the subdued and sensuous glazes that are its trademark.

Hank's stoneware can be found in a wide variety of homes and offices, complementing contemporary d├ęcor and blending into more formal settings. The ceramic style he pursued in the Southwest has matured in the North Carolina mountains, where he lives with his wife Vicki. Hank finds the rugged terrain and natural beauty to provide a rich environment for his creativity.

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